Catali Antonini, a native of Corsica, is at the junction of the melodist Italian jazz school and improvised music.
She founded the Antonini trio (with Stephane Pelegri - vibraphone & Manu Vallognes - fretless bass) in which she performs as a vocal instrumentalist and is able to explore her own personal take on the European jazz movement and find her place in it.
The Antonini Trio appears regularly on the jazz festivals scenes, has recorded 3 albums: «Academy House» (1996), «Chateau de Sable» (2001), «d’antre deux terres» (2005) and won the second prize of the ALLUM’JAZZ competition in 1999.
In 2000, Catali was a finalist in the French National Jazz Orchestra european competition (Dir. Paolo Damiani).
She obtained the State diploma in Jazz (teaching) in 2007.

Catali’s expression comes directly from researching the sound and phrasing of wind and brass instruments and she collaborates regularly with wind instrumentalists.
She is also into improvised exchanges with other expressive art forms such as dance, the visual arts, theatre and electronic music. Her ten years of experience as a dancer herself influence her research in connecting music with this other artistic languages.
In 1997, she was creator-performer of «Campe» (music: S.Pelegri & C.Antonini / choreography: Denis Plassard & Tony Vighetto) and worked with dancers from the Folkwang Hocheshule (Pina Bausch) in Germany in 1999.
In 2003, she was creator-performer (singing and dancing) of «Voyage au fond du berceau» (music: Antonini Trio / choreography: Marc Neff) and performed in «Sonate en mouvement» (music: Antonini Trio / choreography: Carla Frison) in 2004.
She adapted texts from the 12th century for the creation of «Rhapsody Lapidum» with Antonini Trio and Ivan Gouillon (actor) for the Museum of Lyon, in 2007.
In 2012 and 2013 she sings in "Encore quelques illusions" (Choreography: Denis Plassard / Compagnie Propos).

In 2006, she was in charge of the artistic and vocal coordination of the «West side story» (L.Bernstein) adaptation for 15 singers ans 42 musicians.

As a vocalist, she has recorded Stephane Pelegri's «Concerto per Voce» (for Mezzo-soprano amplified voice and symphony orchestra) and Olivier Massot’s contemporary creation «a travers l’ennui» (CNSM of Lyon).
She also performed on «Ghardaïa Suite» (for Jazz trio & 30 percussionnists - CNR Chalon-sur-Saône), «Ellora Suite» (for Jazz trio & eclectic ensemble - Rencontres Musicales de Savoie).

In 2003, she also recorded a solo album «Parole», a project based on jazz arrangements of popular mediterranean songs with Alfio Origlio, Andre Ceccarelli, Remi Vignolo and Stephane Pelegri.

In 2009, she is the guest of the Orchestre National de Lyon Percussion and Brass Ensemble for a tribute to Billie Holiday (live performances and recording of the CD «Tribute to Lady Day»).

In 2012, she recorded the album «The last Etruscan» in duet with Stephane Pelegri (percussion /vocal).

En 2015, her album «Persian Alexandria» issues for Klarthe Jazz Records / Harmonia Mundi Distribution.

Since then, she has performed with the Orchestre National de Lyon Percussion and Brass Ensemble and with a whole host of jazz musicians such as Marcus Printup, Victor Goines, Wycliffe Gordon, Satoshi Takeshima, Nico Morelli, William Galison, Didier Del Aguila, Michel Zenino, Mario Stantchev, Andy Barron, Eric Echampard, Roger Guerin, Alfio Origlio, Remi Goutin, Yvan Oukrid, Stefano Nunzi, Andrea Nunzi, Eric Prost, Laurent Richard, Pascal Berne, Manu Vallognes, Herve Meschinet, Chris Levan, Diego Imbert…etc.

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